return & refund

Return & Refund

MIKMIK’s RETURN & REFUND POLICY may include the following contents.




You must read rebate terms before you buy to save your pocket. The Purchaser may request for the exchange/return of the Products within seven business days from the date on which the Product is delivered. In the case of simple change of Buyer’s mind, the Buyer must bear the customs clearance costs.

The delivery costs vary according to the tariffs (average:8~15%), surtax (10%), and domestic/internatioanl delivery costs (average:10%), up to 35% of the average product price.

( Expected refund costs = International / domestic shipping charges for import agency + Import tax ( twice in total when importing and exporting ) and expenses + charges for export agency )

In addition, the costs to ship products can vary by the country of destination.

1.1. In the event the seller does not accept the refund, the purchaser cannot make a refund. Also, the purchaser must be responsible for the delivery costs occurred in this case to get your product back.

1.2. In the case of a defect in the purchased item or a wrong item delivered, the purchaser will be guaranteed to get a full refund at no extra costs. However, the purchaser can demand exchange/return for the defected products only that are acknowledged by MIKMIK mall. Moreover, the last decider for defected product will be MIKMIK mall.

1.3. In the case MIKMIK mall does not acknowledge the defected product, the purchaser shall be responsible for round-trip delivery costs of such defective Products. In some cases, the refund is not allowed to.



MIKMIK mall is an agency to connect between the purchaser and the seller. MIKMIK mall acts on behalf of making orders and payments by the customers’ request. MIKMIK mall is a trade agency in accordance with Special act concerning the clearance of the e-commerce items. It is the right and responsibility for the purchasers to select the products and make orders.

2.1. In the event the company receives the request to exchange or return from the Purchaser, the company shall immediately notify thereof to the Seller.

2.2. All necessary expenses such as round-trip delivery costs for the exchange or return shall be borne by a party to whom a cause is attributable.

2.3. In the event the return invoice number is not indicated at the time the request for return is made, the return handling proceedings and refund may be delayed.

2.4. In the event the request for exchange is made and the Seller does not have the relevant product in stock, the exchange is impossible, in which case such request shall be handled as return of the Products. In the case of a defect in the purchased items, the Seller shall bear the round-trip return costs, while in the case of simple change of Buyer’s mind, the Buyer shall bear the Return Costs.

2.5. In the event the products are damaged due to the negligence of the shipping company, the shipping company will be responsible for the loss incurred in that case.

2.5.1. In the event the completion of delivery by shipping company is more than ten business days behind the schedule

2.5.2. Except for the following cases:

– In the case Repair, replacement, or inspection of digital communication devices such as the computer/mobile phone or the systemic maintenance of MIKMIK mall is needed

– If you need to respond to digital information infringement such as hacking, abnormal use of customers’ personal information, or instability of digital information provision that are unforeseen.

– In the event online shopping mall cannot be provided stably due to the failures such as natural disasters, emergencies, electronic outages, service disruption or in the case the traffic is too busy.

– In the event MIKMIK mall or the supply company should make an important decision in management such as corporate separation, M&A, transfer of business, abolition of business or profit aggravation in “information services” field.

2.5.3. In the event the product is stocked in the warehouse of the seller more than ten business days without the notification of shipping process (e-mail, written documents, telephone etc.) to the purchaser.

In these cases, MIKMIK mall will take active steps to track the return and check the delivery process.

2.6. In the event the Seller fails to confirm the order information of the Purchaser or fails to carry out the delivery procedures for a considerable period of time after having been notified of the payment confirmed by MIKMIK mall, and MIKMIK mall may Cancel the relevant transaction at the request of the Purchaser, in which case, the payment in custody of the Company shall be refunded to the Purchaser. Moreover, the Company may take steps to undertake the automatic refund procedures, etc. without the request made by the Purchaser in accordance with its own policies, in which case such shall be publicly notified in advance.

2.7. In the event MIKMIK mall determines that the Purchaser’s request for exchange or return is not justifiable, MIKMIK mall may Cancel such request and pay the payment in its custody to the Seller. Moreover, if the Purchaser fails to return the Product to the return desk in Singapore Post, or is not reachable by telephone, email, etc., within fourteen days from the date on which the Purchaser’s request for exchange, return, etc. has been registered, it shall be deemed that the Purchaser has withdrawn its such request and the Company may pay the payment in its custody to the Seller.

2.8. If the transaction, for which the payment of the Purchaser has been confirmed, is cancelled, the Company shall take the necessary procedures to refund the purchase price to the Purchaser within two (2) business days from the date on which the relevant transaction is cancelled. The period of the refund procedure will differ according to the procedure of payment methods such as Paypal, Alipay.

2.9. Any refund and return of the Products shall be made only by the same payment method used while making the order and shall not be made in cash provided.

2.10. The buyer can cancel the purchase until the goods are shipped, and if they are in the delivery, they will be processed by the return process, not the cancellation.

2.11. In the case the payment has already been completed, the purchaser can request for cancel by sending a request e-mail to ‘contact’, located on the bottom of our web page, so that you can contact with the person in charge of the cancel process.

2.12. Any request for Cancel, which is made while the Product is being prepared for delivery, shall be completed immediately at no extra costs in principle; however, to the extent that the relevant Product has been already dispatched, the Purchaser shall be responsible for the round-trip delivery charges.



Only in the case wrong or defected product is delivered due to a cause attributable to the company, the purchaser can request full refund. Moreover, if the Purchaser fails to return the Product to the return desk in Singapore Post within fourteen business days from the date on which the Purchaser’s request for return, it shall be deemed that the Purchaser has withdrawn its request. For defective products, Purchaser must confirm its explanation and the picture of product a proof with the customer service center before exchange/return can be processed. The purchaser can click ‘Contact’ button, located on the bottom of the page, and then select ‘Subject select > Return’. After that you should put the explanation of defected parts in detail. For unavailable products, the purchaser can send them to Korea service center. We will contact you after the consultation with the manager at Singapore. Lastly, MIKMIK mall will send products without defeats back to the original purchaser. But the purchaser shall be responsible for round-trip delivery costs.

The Purchaser may not be entitled to request return or exchange in any of the following cases:

3.1. The Product is damaged due to a cause attributable to the Purchaser.

3.2. The value of the Product has been significantly reduced due to the use or partial consumption thereof by the Purchaser.

3.3. The value of the Product has been significantly reduced to the extent that such Product is not merchantable due to the time elapsed.

3.4. The package of the reproducible Product is damaged.

3.5. Simple damages:

3.5.1. Logo is one-sided.

3.5.2. The print quality is inferior.

3.5.3. The real color of product seems different from the one in the picture. (The color difference can be perceived due to the computer resolution.)

3.5.4. The material and shape of package seems different from the one in the picture.

Exceptions> Except for reasonable reasons that other buyers cannot request a return or refund. However, even in this case, request for return or refund must be made by phone, e-mail, etc., and cannot be returned or refunded if the return request is not even made.



If the purchaser request for the return on the return page within seven days, MIKMIK will check the post and confirm whether it will be returned or not according to MIKMIK ‘s paid return & refund terms. (However, if delivery date is more than 14 days, it may be difficult to process).



5.1. The period of return / refund may be extended because all the related companies in Korea will be closed at the same time during the four major holiday periods such as New Year’s day, Chuseok and Christmas.

5.2. MIKMIK will comment on the reasons for the delay in return / refund in the case the refund is requested on holidays. And MIKMIK is not responsible for the period of return / refund as specified in section 1.

5.3. For full refund on holidays, please refer to the separate return and refund guidelines above. Unless there is a separate return policy from the seller, follow the same return policy for holiday.



6.1. Only refund/return is available at MIKMIK mall. We suggest that the purchaser would make a new order after the refund procedure for the original product.

6.2. In the case of non-exchangeable/non- refundable brands and products or the products that are in non-exchangeable/non-refundable terms the seller suggested, they are not allowed unless otherwise stated.

6.3. Any refund and return of the Products shall be made only by the same payment method used while making the order and shall not be made in cash provided under any circumstances.



The purchaser may request for the refund of the products in a preferred refund method among the prescribed on ‘Online Exchange and Return’.

Important considerations:

7.1. The purchaser has the right to withhold a refund if the purchased product is not arrived at the warehouse of Singapore Post.

7.2. The delivery cost is non-refundable.

7.3. Remember that the refund terms in detail must be accurate and complete.

7.4. Inaccurate or incomplete entries will be refunded by Paypal.

7.5. In the case the purchaser wants to get a refund by the original payment method, the refund amount will be determined according to the amount paid through the original payment method.

7.6. In the case the Purchaser fails to get refund within thirty days that has been registered from the date on which the Purchaser’s request for refund due to the Paypal procedure. MIKMIK mall cannot proceed with the refund.



If you want to track whether your return parcel has arrived at the Singapore Post’s logistics warehouse or not, we recommend logging the tracking number on the Singapore Post return label inside the parcel to track it. The tracking number is a series of numbers beginning with MIKMIK.

8.1. Time schedule of returns to the warehouse of Singapore Post

It takes three to five days to arrive at our warehouse according to the schedule of Singapore Post, after the return parcel is delivered to the Singapore Post counter/pop station. You can track your return with the Singapore Post e-tracker. When a return is arrived in our warehouse, it takes one to two days for our Quality check team to enter the return process. If you want to know about Time schedule of return/exchange after starting the return process, click on the link below for our return processing time schedule.

8.2. Returns tracking

8.2.1. Lost return slip

You can ask the customer Experience Team of MIKMIK for a copy of the return slip. Call +82.70.7727.9834 or request by e-mail (

8.2.2. Lost return label

If you want to return unwanted items, you should consider a 30-day return period. Return is available at no cost, but return label is essential. To get return shipping free: pre-paid Singapore Post Return Label is required. You must prepay the return delivery costs in advance. Pre-paid Singapore Post Return Label is included in the parcel sent to the customer, and the tracking number begins with MIKMIK. To attach it to a parcel will give you a free return shipment.

We are doing our best to accommodate all returns. However, if the returned product is returned in an irrelevant state, the product may be returned to the returning party.