SET D) Milky Flower Maskpack X 50ea + Milky Flower Cream X 5ea


1. Volume : Maskpack – 40g / Cream –
2. No. of units : Maskpack – 50ea / Cream – 5ea
3. Features :
1.90g thick sheet that does not dry over time
2.Sheet that does not fall when stick with excellent adhesion
3.40g concentrated essence of milk flower ingredients
3.With a sweet and lively flower
“Aromatherapy” scent
4. How to use :
1) Mask pack-
1. After cleansing, make the skin texture with toner.
2. Unpack this product and stick the mask evenly over your face except for eyes and mouth.
3. Take a break for about 10 to 20 minutes.
4. The essence left on the face is absorbed by tapping lightly

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