SET A) Hanstyle natural Chips_Agriculture Mix Chips(30g) x 10ea


1 UNIT : Lotus Root Chips(30g) X 2EA + Burdock Chips(30g) X 2EA + Pumpkin Chips(30g) X 2EA + Apple Chips(30g) X 2EA + Chillypepper Chips(30g) X 2EA

What is KOREA Traditional Natural Crisps “Bugak” ?

– We only selected from Korea origin’s fresh material.
: It is more fresh as we select Algae such as Seaweed, Chili Pepper, Lotus Root, Burdock, Kelp, Seaweed Sea Tangle and Sweet Seaweed Laver, etc and fresh season agricultural products.

– Realization of Premium Natural Chip
: Core technology of snack, crisps syrup, is fully registered for patent.
Increase crunchy texture, dropped sugar contents & calorie, and made it deeper and sweet taste.
Crisps adapt well to exporting markets in overseas.

– Realization of Low Calorie
: KOREA Traditional Natural Crisps “Bugak uses automatic oil excluded system to exclude an oil, so the calorie is low and more tasty as it is crunchy.

– Healthy Snack for Fitting Perfectly with Traditional Tea & Kid Snack.
: You can feel the crunchy & deep sweet taste if you serve with Traditional Tea such as Green Tea, Burdock Tea, Lotus Leef Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, etc.
Especially, it is known as healthy snack for our children.

– We manufacture safe with HACCP Certification.
: We have received HACCP certification under systemic & effective system that is for focusing management on any hazard factors from food’s raw material production to manufacutring, processing, distribution and to final step to consumer.


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