SET D) ILPINO Enzyme Baby Shampoo x 3ea + ILPINO Enzyme Baby Powder x 3ea


∗ 1 UNIT : ILPINO Enzyme Baby Shampoo X 3EA + ILPINO Enzyme Baby Powder X 3EA (5.1kg)

– Not to give out green stimulus for scalp and hair shampoo to a natural enzyme into force without preservatives.
– Quercetin from apple, one of antioxidant substances, eliminates active oxygen which attack cells and tissues of human organism.
– Quercetin ingredient has plenty of vitamin-C & B, which bring elasticity and regeneration of hair and scalp.
– ILPINO is eco-friendly product, excludes synthetic substance, consist of natural ingredient enhance affinity for your hair.
– Antibacterial Detergent for baby, soften the fabric touching baby’s body.
– Mild Detergent, without stimulation for baby’s skin.
– Vegetable surfactant

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