SET D) EGF-9 Galatomyces Toner X 1ea + EGF-9 Trouble S.O.S Emulsion X 1ea + EGF-9 Eye Cream For Face x 1ea + EGF-9 White Brightening Cream x 1ea


∗ 1 UNIT : EGF-9 Galatomyces Toner X 1EA + EGF-9 Trouble S.O.S Emulsion X 1EA + EGF-9 Eye Cream For Face X 1EA + EGF-9 White Brightening Cream (0.36kg)

– Advanced Emulsion that moisturizes and awakens the skin.
– Dead skin cells, pores, sebum, blackheads, whiteheads.
– Refining skin tone with low-irritating ingredients, a mix of galactomyces and EGF-9.
– Care for dead skin cell, pore cleansing, improving sebum production control, blackheads and whiteheads.
– Advanced Emulsion that cares for the foundation of the skin.
– Whitening, winkles, moisturizing, acned, white heads, skin blemishes, highly-concentrated ingredients, restoring vitality, fast moisture supply, strengthening skin barrier.
– Advanced cream that delivers healthy vital energy to the skin.
– Helpful in providing peptide protein, supplying highly-concentrated moisture, intensively improving skin elasticity and strengthening skin barrier.
– Eye cream for face, which revitalizes tired and sagging skin.
– Take good care of your face with highly-concentrated and highly-nutritional eye cream.
– Wrinkles, moisture, hydration, whitening, highly-concentrated, EGF, peptide, volufiline, wrinkle reduction whitening care.
– 24-hour moisture hydration: Increasing the skin’s moisture level.
– With the combination of high-purity whitening agents, this high moisturizing whitening cream controls melanin production and prevents the formation of melisma and freckles, making the skin moist and transparent and clean.
– Dead skin cells, pores, sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, skin soothing.
– Contains whitening ingredients (fraxinus excelsior L. bark extract), Safflower sprout (patented whitening ingredient), aloe vera, arbutin, niacinamide.
– Functional whitening skin care product

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