frequently asked questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message

It has been 14 days since I ordered. I got a call from customer support center.

“The remaining products will be delivered abroad with the agreement for the cancellation”
– If the seller has not sent the product to MIKMIK’s logistics center within 14 days, MIKMIK will contact the purchaser directly in order to ask for cancellation.

The shipment is over weighted than 30kg. What can I do?

“Through ‘Contact us’ category, you can communicate with us to choose another delivery method”
– You can go to ‘contact us’ category to communicate with us.
We can possibly suggest other ways of delivery such as ocean freight, but it may result in additional delivery costs, which the purchaser will be charge of costs for return.

What is the products that is not allowed to order?

“Check the below details link showing the item’s list that can not be ordered.“
– Not available products for the customs as per the each country.
In this case, you should check the notification of customs first from the web-site of your country’s customs

Can I make an order with mobile phone?

“You can make an order and payment with your mobile”
– With your mobile phone, you can search and browse for products at MIKMIK as well as make an order and

– But some services may be restricted to use or not work smoothly with mobiles. In that case, please make a progress with computers.

How can I modify the international delivery destination upon completion of ordering and payment?

“It is possible when the Payment was completed or while the product is being prepared for delivery”
– If the order progress in on the stage of ‘payment completed’ or ‘ preparation for delivery’, the purchaser can change the international delivery destination.
Not the country, but only address in detail and contact number.

Who will pay the tariffs?

“When you receive the products you ordered”
– Republic of Korea is not responsible for tariffs or taxes.
– Tariffs must be fulfilled by the purchaser when receiving the item, and customs duties and fees levied by the destination country

How to pay for additional overseas delivery costs?

My account > order > Click the button to make a payment for international delivery costs

– If your payment is not made within 14 days after the button is created, all orders will be automaticallyreturned.
– The costs for refund incurred at this time is on purchaser.

Estimated international delivery costs provided in the shopping cart may vary from the final delivery costs which will be shown before confirming your payment.

“It is subject to change according to the policies of shipping companies”
-International delivery costs can be changed without notice.

Where can I check refunded payment for cancellation / refund?

“On the ‘Cancellation/Refund current status’ page”

What payment methods are available to buy products at MIKMIK?

“Only possible with Paypal”
– You can only make a payment through Paypal account.

What happens if the additional international delivery costs are not paid?

“If the additional international delivery costs are not paid exceeding the 14 days, it will return to the seller”

If I make multiple orders from different sellers, can I have combined shipments?

“YES! products from multiple orders will be combined into the same package”
– If you buy multiple products from different sellers, we would make the combined shipments to deliver abroad at once as soon as your payment is made.

How to save delivery costs?

“Buy multiple products”
– If you order the only one item by using the ‘INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY’ services, there is fixed delivery cost however light.

What are ‘Expected international delivery costs’ and ‘Additional international delivery costs’ ?

“The difference between estimated delivery costs and final delivery costs”
– Estimated delivery costs is categorized by country and each shipping company.
Delivery costs are calculated by the list of estimated weight per each item.
Before making a shipment for international delivery.
The final delivery costs will be calculated by the actual weight of shipments.

– Also, all products arrive at the logistics center to combine them.
Then, recalculate delivery costs by country/shipping company by measuring the accurate weight of shipment.

– MIKMIK will ask for the refund or additional payment of delivery costs based on the actual delivery costs.
This additional payment will be ‘Additional international delivery costs’.

Some items in my order continue to be still in the state of “packing”. What can I do about it?

“If your delivery has exceeded the 3 days processing time, please contact Customer service center”
MIKMIK operates the Receiving and Forwarding system to extract the products with frequent delays.
If the Purchaser does not receive the product within 3 days after the payment is made, the Purchaser may report such non-arrival to the Customer service center to hasten the seller.

Is there an country limitation in sending the products to?

“No limit in country selection’”

– There is no limit in where and which countries you can select. But the purchaser must be responsible for paying the delivery costs and tariffs to make an order.

How can I track my package at MIKMIK?

“Check on the Order/Delivery tracking page”
In the same manner of regular delivery, you can check international delivery tracking on the ‘My MIKMIK’ page.

If I purchase two or more products, can I choose multiple delivery destination for each?

“Unable to setup a multiple delivery destination. The order must be made separately for each delivery destination”
If you order products with the international delivery service, you cannot set the multiple delivery destination.

I confirmed it was sent to abroad, but did not arrive yet.

“Delivery may be delayed due to customs clearance”
– After the shipment was sent to the country of destination, shipping may be delayed locally due to customs clearance.
When there is a problem related to customs, the local customs will contact the purchaser.
If the purchaser has not received any inquiries, please contact your local customs office.

Can I deduct the return delivery costs from the amount of refund?

“Deducting money is difficult for international delivery, please make a deposit to the bank account”
Only additional payment for return delivery costs is available at MIKMIK.

In case of international delivery products, You can be noticed the account number from the Customer service center.

Why was the product returned to its sender after international delivery was proceeded?

“Refusal of foreign customs / Unclear delivery destination”
– The purchaser shall be responsible for the first international delivery costs incurred in connection with any
Returned products.
In case of ‘Refusal of recipient’, MIKMIK will charge the purchaser for additional international delivery costs, except where the relevant cancellation/exchange is made.

In case of domestic re-delivery, international re-delivery, and refunds, the purchaser will be responsible for the additional delivery charges.
Hence, make sure that if customs clearance is available at the destination country
before finishing the orders or the address is entered correctly. Especially, you must enter zip code.

What are the next steps when the product was returned to its sender after international delivery was proceeded?

“Domestic re-delivery / International re-delivery / refund”
1. Domestic re-delivery

– In the event the purchaser or domestic acquaintance can receive the products, the recipient must be responsible
for the delivery charges.
2. Refund

-In case of refund, the amount of cash after deducting the international delivery costs at the time of initial shipment.

3. International re-delivery

– In the event the additional international delivery costs are being made, the shipment will be sent after re-checking
the exact destination.

What can I do in the event the product is damaged or I received wrong product instead of my original ordered product.

“Please contact MIKMIK customer support center within 7 days with the evidential documents”
– The Purchaser may request for the return or exchange of the Products within 7 days from the date on
which the wrong order or damaged Product is delivered.
Contact MIKMIK customer support center through
1:1 e-mail consulting along with the tangible evidential proof, such as pictures of product.