MIKMIK ’s ‘M.I.K’ is abbreviation for ‘Made in Korea’.

We are the unique E-commerce platform for the individual consumer and
the wholesalers selling the enhanced quality products made in South Korea.

Under ‘One ASIA’ mission statement, MIKMIK provides the valuable merchandise channel along
with the affordable price for the global customers and the partners.

MIKMIK is the best free trade’s market combined in three core abilities,
Interfashion Planning Inc.’s merchandising, Singapore Post Limited’s logistics, Sample Store’s marketing strategy.

It is MIKMIK ’s philosophy to be one and only platform in the world giving customers good experiences and
satisfaction and taking the opportunity of growth and change to companies.



This logo expresses the concept that the sales of excellent MADE IN KOREA products can be realized
by the experience of customer satisfaction, which can be only served by MIKMIK.

All users will be able to experience and try superb MADE IN KOREA products
by connecting sellers and consumers together at MIKMIK.


The color of orange, terms of Energy, and purple, terms of progress, are used with a gradation effect
as pigment builds up to the right side.

This color combination delivers the message that MIKMIK will deliver the best service to share energy
and make a progress with all users.